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AO3 downloads hanging (Fixed with 0.6.2)

Posted: Sun 27. May 2012, 01:20
by dc2011
When attempting to download from, the download is reaching the point where it says "50% - converting" and never progresses beyond that point. No files are saved. I get the same results for either epub or mobi files. For HTML files, it says that it's complete but there is no file saved. The program will close by clicking on the "X" on the top right, even when it's stuck at 50%. Downloads from work fine.

Test urls:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
FFDL: 0.6.1

Re: AO3 downloads hanging

Posted: Sun 27. May 2012, 11:39
by Raimond

found & fixed, please wait for version 0.6.2 which will include the bugfix. (1-2 hours)
The cause was the Category.
I've used "Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling" to programm it. so the program tried to remove the author name.
I didn't know that there were categories without "- AUTHORNAME"
Thats the reason why it crashed.