changed its features

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Post by HelgaGPataki » Wed 6. Jun 2012, 08:17 changed its features, now they are able to post Art Covers on their fanfiction, I'm just informing everyone here in case nobody heard about it. I found out yesterday since I am also an author there. Hopefully this doesn't effect the software or anything.

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Re: changed its features

Post by RedneckDrow » Wed 6. Jun 2012, 17:10

It hasn't yet, but several changes are being made to the site's internal structure. I advise others to proceed with caution, as FFN is very buggy at the moment. (Their alphabetizing of the category pages for example.)

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Re: changed its features

Post by possom2009 » Thu 7. Jun 2012, 12:50

Not to mention how the screen is stretched.


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Re: changed its features

Post by Raimond » Thu 7. Jun 2012, 17:57

I'll move this to the MISC section soon. That's not a feature request :-)

We'll see what happens with the downloader if someone posts a cover for a fanfiction.
If you find a story with a Cover then please post the link here.

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Re: changed its features

Post by Sintho » Thu 7. Jun 2012, 20:46

Nothing happens, it just downloads the file as usual. At least with a .pdf download.

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