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Post by Aralaiqualasse » Tue 16. Aug 2011, 13:03


I until today still very thankful for you ever since I got the fanficdownloader....

Actually, I am planning to buy ipad2 so I can read fiction in anywhere....Problem is, I do not know whether or not fanficdownloader is usable in ipad2 or not, and if the files downloaded readable in it.......heck, I don't even know if I can transfer files from laptop windows to iPad2....

Can you please do answer me about it? Thanks o.....

PS I am user of windows more than 10 years, so when meet with Linux? ubuntu? lion X? I dont' even know what they are......

Thank you

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Re: iPad2

Post by pookakitten » Tue 16. Aug 2011, 23:52

I'm pretty sure Amazon has a kindle app for iPad, so you could use the file type for Kindle. I think it's MOBI. If you look around, there's probably a number of reader apps for iPad, so you just use the format recommended by the app's author.

Hope that's of some help.

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Re: iPad2

Post by Raimond » Mon 29. Aug 2011, 10:00


to answer your questions:

You aren't able to run the downloader on an iPad. But you can use the webversion.

I'm sure that there are a lot of ebook-apps for iPad, so look for one that you like and then check which format you need.
After that just select the right output format.
(I can't tell you how to transfer files since I'm not going to buy an i-Product)

Why don't you buy an ebook reader (eg. amazons kindle or Sony PRS-650) for reading and a netbook with windows/linux


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Re: iPad2

Post by Aralaiqualasse » Wed 3. Jul 2013, 19:03


Thanks for the info, I will look into it...


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Re: iPad2

Post by hi5kba » Thu 24. Oct 2013, 11:03

set to convert to PDF

1) import to ITunes and look under books then sync across


2) attach to email send it to yourself. click on the email on the pad and click open with IBooks
:D :D 8-) :mrgreen:

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Re: iPad2

Post by Skrpo1 » Thu 24. Oct 2013, 18:16

Easier. Install the Marvin e-reader app for your iPad. Use Calibre with the FanFiction Downloader option. Download files directly into Calibre to save as an .epub which then can be transferred directly to Marvin. No iTunes required.

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