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by Reitsuki
Tue 12. Jun 2018, 03:46
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Topic: MediaMiner downloading empty chapters
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MediaMiner downloading empty chapters

Was trying to pull some old fanfics off MediaMiner, but it seems to be broken at the moment. It doesn't matter whether I use the index page or a chapter page to try to download, the result is the same: I get the index page fine, with the metadata on it. I get one page per chapter, blank but for the ...
by Reitsuki
Sun 19. Feb 2012, 14:37
Forum: Bugs and Problems
Topic: Tester for next version
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Re: Tester for next version

I can confirm that MediaMiner downloads are buggy. I wouldn't say they don't work entierly, but they don't work correctly, either. It seems to get exactly half of the story, rounded down. 27 chapters and I get 13, rounded down from 13.5... as in this story, for example. A 128 chapter story became ex...