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by NileQT
Tue 16. Jul 2019, 12:23
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Topic: Request: Layout options
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Re: Request: Layout options

One thing that is a bit annoying is how thick the margins are with no ability to reduce them. These are crazy inch-thick margins. A lot of e-books have tiny or non-existent margins in order to maximize the amount of text per line (when using a speech-to-text reader, this stops it from pausing too of...
by NileQT
Mon 30. Apr 2018, 09:11
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Doctor Who Fic Archive: Teaspoon
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Doctor Who Fic Archive: Teaspoon By far the largest dedicated Doctor Who archive on the web is A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (often referred to as "Teaspoon"). This archive as I type has 49,965 fics. Note that there are two ways of viewing stories on this sit...